Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Luray Caverns

Seeing the stalactites at Luray Caverns is a real joy. This is nature's wonder in all its glory. So myself and my beautiful wife,Jane set about on our first interesting trip with the Docuwind app giving us speed and distance updates as we went from Charlottesville where i stay. The place was not really crowded and they said they received about 200 visitors that day. This was just before spring and it was kind of the lean season for them. We were taken through a guided tour and saw the wide array of stalactites and stalagmites here. The two things which struck me were the stalacpipe organ and the wishing well.

You could watch the beautiful stalacpipe organ sound in the video above.The next one which was  interesting was the wishing well. Throw a coin,make a wish!!! It is estimated that around a million dollars of coins have been thrown into this beautiful lake.Here's myself throwing a coin into the wishing well while my wife takes my video of me doing it.

Ok so to top it all an amazing picture of both of us at Luray,VA

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